Morwynt History

As the youngest daughter of David and Jan Buttfield of Judaroo Pony Stud, ponies, pony people and horse shows have always been in my life. I have been extremely lucky with my parents taking me on many trips to Victoria as a young child. Visits to the Vic All Welsh and to Lady Creswick and her Nattai Stud were great highlights. The history, the ponies and their pedigrees became quite a fascination. I used to get lost in the old blue studbooks studying the pedigrees of Nattai ponies we had bought, counting how many times the legendary Greylight appeared.


In WA my family have been very fortunate to have had close relationship with Wendy MacDonald of the Wendamar Stud. As well has sharing stallions with us and running the early WA All Welsh shows, she has been a great friend and always very encouraging, sharing her knowledge that has grown over a lifelong love of Welsh Ponies. As I have grown up, I have sought Wendy’s opinion and advice and respect it immensely.




I competed in the junior handler and showed my first pony when I was about 7 or 8. I can clearly remember Delys Watt (Sandel Stud and previous groom for Balmoral and Wendamar Studs) giving me pointers just prior to going into the ring. The pony was Judaroo Patience (Baeldon Viscount x Judaroo Prydferth) who was a filly at the time and this year (2011) turns 30. I won my class and so did Patience. Delys was a good teacher and thankfully not frightened to tell me how I could have done better!





I am very proud of my family’s stud and the ponies of Judaroo and continue to be a big part of the stud. However, on my first trip to the UK in 1997 I was so enthused by all the people I had met and ponies I had seen that I came home wanting to register my own prefix.  For much of my trip I stayed with Richard Miller and Meirion Davies of Heniarth. They were both very encouraging and continue to be fantastic mentors to me, as young breeders and judges, and of course great friends. Richard and Meirion, along with Cerdin and Doreen Jones of Synod are a big part of why Morwynt began.


The word Morwynt came from the name of a house in the beautiful Welsh seaside town of Aberaeron. I saw this house and it’s name on a trip with Cerdin Jones delivering a section D colt foal to Owen Jones of Nebo, that was to be transported to Europe. Wanting a Welsh name for my stud, but one that could be pronounced was important to me. Morwynt seemed perfect and it’s meaning ‘sea wind’ very fitting for a stud situated just out of Perth in Western Australia, where the sea breeze on a hot summer’s day is a refreshing relief.


It was also on my first visit to the UK that we found Rhoson Gaugin. Dad had first mentioned that we could take a pony back to Australia on a visit to Mrs John’s Powell’s Cotrell Stud. I had really liked a filly foal, but she had been sold already to Australia, to Jill and Robert Grant of Bamborough. I had visited John & Glenys Davies (Meirion’s parents) Rhoson stud a few times, but had not seen Gaugin until my parents came to visit. It wasn’t long until we decided that he was the one and his influence at Judaroo and Morwynt is testament to this being the right decision.


To make a start of Morwynt I leased 3 ponies from Judaroo for 2 years, two B’s in Balmoral Jetflight and Judaroo Lovebird II and Welsh Mountain Mare Nattai Welsh Princess. Only the B mares foaled that year, but of the mares Lovebird proved to be the best broodmare for me.



Lovebird was going to be sent to Synod Aristocrat in the second year of her lease, but it all got too hard and dad convinced me to put her in with Gaugin. So, I have my dad to thank for Morwynt Ladybird in more ways than one. Ladybird has been very successful in hand, with her biggest achievements being wining the Drumclyer Award at Perth Royal Show and being Supreme B at the WA All Welsh Show four years in a row from a 3yo in 2003 to 2006. Since being shown she has been doing a lovely job as a broodmare, with her filly Lipstick due have her first foal for Morwynt in 2011.




In 2007/8 I leased Judaroo Lilac (Rhoson Gaugin Imp x Judaroo Lolita) and sent her to Belbrae Pageboy. She was shown at the 2008 WA All Welsh Show for Supreme Welsh Pony and her filly foal at foot, Morwynt Rapture was Champion Foal, Morwynt winning the Champion foal 3 years in a row. Rapture has been un-shown since and is being retained as a future brood mare for Morwynt.


Currently Welsh Ponies dominate the small stud of Morwynt , but this is purely by accident as I have a real soft spot for a good Welsh Mountain, so watch this space.


In 2010, I came to hear Robert Grant was considering selling Bamborough Othello (Eyarth Tigra Imp x Imperial Juliet). Having looked for a stallion for a while, I managed to convince mum that we should go halves and buy him before we missed out. Within a few weeks he was on the way to Judaroo and Morwynt. Hopefully this will be an exciting new chapter for both of the studs.


I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give me advice, influence me or help me in some way. In particular I would like to thank my Parents. Without my mum's interest and determination, Judaroo would never have happened let alone Morwynt. My dad, a city boy, had always wanted to be a farmer and made that a reality, coming to love and make a difference for Welsh Ponies in Western Australia. Last but no where near the least, my sister Judy Hambley, who helps and inspires me in so many ways.