The History of Judaroo Pony Stud

Judaroo Pony Stud was started when Jan Buttfield bought an aged unhandled mare at a pony sale at Claremont Show Grounds in the very early 1970’s. The pony was a descendent of the Koojan ponies, bred by Mr Padbury in WA from stock purchased from the Horden’s Milton and Rhetford Studs (the father & uncle of Lady Creswick Nattai). Unfortunately there are no descendants of this pony at Judaroo, as although beautifully bred, their isolation and the era made it difficult to register and continue to breed from the Koojan ponies.


Once one pony was purchased and David Buttfield had warmed to the idea of breeding ponies, Jan and David along with their four daughters, Carey, Judy, Lisa and Kathryn sought to find some ponies of good breeding to build a base for the stud. David wrote to breeders in the UK, Eastern Australia and New Zealand. There were few ponies available from the Eastern States, so David and Jan bought two Welsh Mountain mares and a stallion from New Zealand. The mares were Chawton Penelope with predominantly Coed Coch breeding and Punga Ladybird. These mares are the foundation of the Buttfield Family’s favourite P & L lines at Judaroo. The Stallion was Chawton Punch, purchased with Mrs Margaret Campbell of the Balmoral Stud.


Our friendship with Wendy MacDonald of Wendamar stud allowed us the use of Baledon Viscount and Pendock Miracle (Imp). They left us with some lovely broodmares - Judaroo Patience and Judaroo Lollita, both by Viscount, and Patience’s daughter, Judaroo Welsh Princess, by Miracle. One of our very successful section A mares Judaroo Luckelle was by Miracle, out of a Punga Ladybird, Chawton Punch daughter. In later years we were also fortunate enough to be able to lease Wendamar Narrator. We lost Narrator through injury as a young stallion, but have retained some daughters.


Nattai Firebrand II was leased from Lady Creswick. He has left the stud with two favourite daughters, Judaroo Liqueur and Judaroo Kahlua, both very successful in-hand and Liqueur a wonderful children’s pony.


Imperial Hazard was purchased from Mark Bullen as a 3 year old. He was shown very successfully as a young stallion and has given us many lovely mares including Paprika and Polly and the young stallion Judaroo Boston. Polly has been Supreme A and winner of the Emlyn Trophy for Best Welsh Exhibit at the Perth Royal Show. Boston has won both these awards and been Best Welsh Exhibit at the WA All Welsh Show.


Kingswood Snowman has been a positive recent addition to the stud. He has bred us a nice selection of fillies that will be retained by the stud. We are particularly pleased with the lovely bone he has passed onto his stock.


The Section B Ponies began with the purchase of Nattai Berwyn from Lady Creswick in 1976. Berwyn was a family favourite for his magnificent temperament and the elegant, powerful movement he passed onto his stock. At 13.2hh Berwyn bred well with Punga Ladybird (A) to produce the legendary B gelding Judaroo Lorenzo, well performed Judaroo LadyLyla and wonderful broodmare Judaroo Lovebird II. Lady Lyla and two of Lovebird’s daughters remain at the stud as broodmares. Berwyn’s beautiful daughter Judaroo Prudence, who was a 3 time runner up Small Pony of the Year, and sister Judaroo Honey Joy were bred from foundation stock mare by Rhetford Double Light. Prudence only had two foals after a long and successful saddle career, however an un-shown full sister remains at the stud.


After visiting Kathryn whilst she was holidaying in Wales in 1997, Jan & David. purchased Rhoson Gaugin. He arrived in Australia in 1998 and traveled across the Nullabor to WA on the top deck of a double decker cattle truck. Gaugin was just what the stud needed adding quality to the Berwyn daughters and retaining a nice amount of bone. He has had very successful daughters out of Judaroo Lovebird II. Judaroo Lace has performed very well as a show hunter and Morwynt Ladybird is a 3 time Supreme Welsh B Exhibit at the WA All Welsh and Drumclyer Trophy winner at Perth Royal Show. Many other quality offspring we are pleased to have sold through our auctions are performing well for new owners. Other mares have clicked well with Gaugin also.


Daughters Judy Hambley and Kathryn Buttfield have been most involved in the preparation and showing of ponies over the years and continue to work with Jan on stud decisions. The stud only shows at the larger shows, including the Perth Royal Show, WA All Welsh and the occasional Youngstock Show. Kathryn’s holiday in Wales created an enthusiasm which resulted in her deciding to have her own stud name. Morwynt has a handful of ponies bred along side the Judaroo Ponies.


Judaroo and Morwynt aim to continue to breed true to type Welsh and Welsh Mountain ponies with an emphasis on temperament and movement. Although we are breeding smaller numbers than we have done at times in the past the family  love of this breed will see ponies flourish on the Keysbrook Hills for many years to come.


All has been made possible by the hard work, love, passion and enthusiasm of our Husband and Father David Buttfield (Dec).